Bozok University, Faculty of Engineering and Architecture, was founded in 1992 under the name of "Yozgat Engineering-Architecture Faculty" within the scope of Erciyes University (Law 3837 dated 3 July 1992). Yozgat philanthropic businessman Mr. Erdoğan AKDAĞ and donated to my university donated to the university started training in 1994 began to receive students. In 2006, Bozok University was established with the establishment of Bozok University. By 2016 it has been moved to the new building. He is continuing his education and academic studies with Department of Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Geological Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Biosystems Engineering, Computer Engineering, Architecture, City and Regional Planning Departments. The aim of our faculty is to train engineers and architects who are able to carry out important tasks in the development of our country in accordance with the world standards, depending on quality education and Ataturk's principles and revolutions. Our faculty is developing rapidly with the contributions provided by our rectorship in terms of contemporary course tools and equipment, laboratories, computer and internet, and the contributions of our revolving fund and the dedication of our faculty members. In order for our students to be successful and happy in a beautiful environment, accommodation, scholarships, transportation, research, sports and cultural facilities are available and are being developed.